A Few Ad Books

Like I’ve mentioned previously, I’ve been doing a lot of reading for uni (and a bit for AWARD school). I’ve gone through a bunch of advertising related books, some academic, some mainstream and some creative, and figured I would just briefly catalogue them here. If you’re interested check them out in Amazon, I haven’t used affiliate links,… Continue reading

Creative Mornings – Ashadi Hopper

This week, I went through the talks at Creative Mornings, a collection of monthly lectures on creativity from around the globe.  Ashadi Hopper, national digital creative director of JWT, recently talked about creativity and technology for Creative Mornings Sydney. These are some of the more interesting points he bought up. They’re by no means verbatim, just what I… Continue reading

Interactive car ads. The good and the really bad.

Nissan Note A few weeks ago, Adverblog posted on Nissan Japan’s scrolling website  for the new ‘Nissan Note’. The site features an animation which the viewer controls by scrolling up or down the screen. Adverblog called it “Nissan Japan’s best scrolling site ever” , but I’m not sure if they’re taking the piss, how many scrolling sites has Nissan… Continue reading