Does Advertising Need a ‘Big Idea’ or Just a Relatable Ranga?

The advertising industry is obsessed with ‘The Big Idea’. A short and all encompassing thought which defines a campaign or brand. There are also a lot of people who swear by ‘The Big Idea’s’ partner in crime, the universal truth. In theory, this sounds fairly reasonable. A ‘big idea’ is original, thought provoking and attention… Continue reading

Google’s ‘Business Photos’ puts stores online

Google has recently introduced Business Photos, a service which allows Google street view to continue into a physical store. The technology has been available for years, the real estate industry has been using it for top-end listings, but I’d image Google will make it far more accessible. I think the technology affords some really cool… Continue reading

Sunday Share #1

50 Cent dubbed over Jehovah’s Witnesses who want deaf people to stop masturbating Spanish illustrations for the communist manifesto via Brain Pickings How to stop people stealing your pens, without tying them down (turns out at least one person uses google+) Adonna Khare and her amazing pencil drawings  A great Flickr photo stream called ‘similarities’ which… Continue reading