A Few Ad Books

Like I’ve mentioned previously, I’ve been doing a lot of reading for uni (and a bit for AWARD school). I’ve gone through a bunch of advertising related books, some academic, some mainstream and some creative, and figured I would just briefly catalogue them here. If you’re interested check them out in Amazon, I haven’t used affiliate links,… Continue reading

The Return

It’s been a month since I wrote anything here. To the few regular readers of my blog (there’s at least two, thanks mum), Sorry, I’ve been really busy. I’ve been reading a lot of books on advertising thanks to honours, and working on a lot of shitty spec ads thanks to AWARD school. Unfortunately, reading… Continue reading

Branding gay pride

Has advertising lost its edge? 2012 was the year many brands jumped aboard the marriage-equality bandwagon. Coincidentally, the same year that public support for gay-rights hit the 50% tipping point.  With states like New York legalising gay marriage, one could argue that gay-rights got ‘trendy’. In an effort to stay on top of the curve, many brands… Continue reading