60 Seconds Smarter

About a year ago, Open University released ’60-second adventures in thought’, quick and simple videos explaining famous thought experiments.  Now they’ve done ’60-second adventures in religion’ and ’60-second adventures in economics’. The videos will give you insight into concepts you probably knew little about or had no understanding off. They’ll make you think about things you wouldn’t… Continue reading

Misspell En Masse

Go to your favourite site.

If you’re anything like me you type in the first two letters, let your browser’s auto complete find the site, hit the down arrow and hit enter. If you’re even more like me, occasionally you won’t press the down arrow and end up accidentally googling  some weird phrase like FA (facebook), TU (tumblr) or RE (reddit).

It turns out we are not alone. It is interesting to

Top 10: Best subbredits to cultivate creativity

Reddit can be a huge distraction, but it is also filled with creative and inspiring content.

As someone who wants to be working in a ‘creative’ industry, I search for inspiration everyday and I find reddit can be an amazing tool to facilitate this. Heres a list of the subreddits I use to arouse great ideas.

10 subreddits for creative inspiration

(in no particular order)

1. r/Design

Have a