Five of the Best Olympic Ambush Ads

The world’s greatest sporting event is here, but it’s not just athletes engaging in fierce competition. We have already seen some great olympic advertising, like Procter and Gamble’s ‘Best Job’ and Canadian Paralympic Committee’s ‘Unstoppable’, but the moral grey area of ‘ambush marketing’ has already made its mark on the games. Global sponsors, such as Coca Cola, McDonalds… Continue reading

GM Fires Entire Marketing Department – With One Exception

General Motors has fired its entire marketing department, with the exception of one spokesman.

In an effort to cut costs GM executives have ditched their traditional marketing approach and are now implementing what they call an “Experimental Public Relations” marketing strategy.

Although details are still shaky, experts believe this strategy depends upon GM announcing rash decisions, and gaining

Australia’s Biggest (Virtual) Morning Tea – Slackers Paradise?

Australia’s biggest morning tea has gone online. For the first time since the organisation was founded 9 years ago they are offering a ‘virtual’ morning tea on Facebook. Does the virtual component take away from the real thing?  Cancer Council’s media liaison Sue Bobbermein doesn’t believe so, “it’s all part of raising awareness, a lot of people are… Continue reading

So, you want to work in advertising?

Get involved in advertising, from the comfort of home.

This is an ongoing (non-proven) guide  to getting involved in the industry.  It is a broad guideline to interacting with people in the industry, understand what goes on behind the scenes and staying up to date with relevant news and practises.

Step one.
You’ll need some tools. 

(All of these are what I