Google’s ‘Business Photos’ puts stores online

Google has recently introduced Business Photos, a service which allows Google street view to continue into a physical store. The technology has been available for years, the real estate industry has been using it for top-end listings, but I’d image Google will make it far more accessible. I think the technology affords some really cool… Continue reading

Agency V. In-House

In an interesting experiment, household products website is running two completely different ads. One is made by the agency Penabrand, while the other is made in-house by two guys who make fun interesting product, training and recruiting videos. In a article, CEO Niraj Shah, says they will be split-testing the ads to see which is more… Continue reading

NoHomophobes Dot Com

NoHomophobes is an interesting website that operates as a ‘social mirror’ to make visible casual homophobia in everyday language. It tracks phrases like ‘Faggot’ ,’Dyke’, ‘No homo’ and ‘So gay’ on twitter, and then uses these metrics to plot our homophobic language. It’s a really great idea, but has some major flaws. Mainly, the website… Continue reading

Creative Mornings – Ashadi Hopper

This week, I went through the talks at Creative Mornings, a collection of monthly lectures on creativity from around the globe.  Ashadi Hopper, national digital creative director of JWT, recently talked about creativity and technology for Creative Mornings Sydney. These are some of the more interesting points he bought up. They’re by no means verbatim, just what I… Continue reading