Not-Sunday Share #14

Welcome to the Not-Sunday Share. I originally tried to share the week’s coolest, but possibly unseen stuff, every Sunday. Unfortunately, that never really worked out. Instead, I’ll share what I can, when I can. (Except for on Sundays)


If the famous Volskwagen ‘Lemon’ ad was written today via Dr Draper


Ad break runs entirely in lego via Creative Review

“Upworthy launched on March 26th, 2012, and just seven months later, they were getting almost 9 million monthly uniques visitors.” | Upworthy — What Happens When a Growth Hacker Launches a Media Company via GrowthHacker

“My previous colleague’s refusal to add an emotionally-associated action to the app is a symptom of a pervasive obsession in the tech industry” | The Future of UI and the Dream of the ‘90s via Medium

“This is a list of hacks I have developed over years of experimentation and research in user acquisition. It’s a no-BS guide for the hackers and makers who have something interesting to show the world but don’t know how to show it.” | The Hackers Guide to User Acquisition via Austen Allred

The Sunday Times – Icons

“These days, a writer’s campaign sticks out like a boner in a lesbian bar” | On Writers, Copywriting, and How to Build a Portfolio via MikePalma


“The game doesn’t seem like something that would capture the hearts and fingers of millions of gamers, as it has no marketing, no story, no established IP, no viral hooks, no levels, no candy, no visual sophistication, no cross promotion and no achievements.” | Flappy Bird is proof that no one knows what the audience wants via Polygon

“Most businesses try to build their market around what they offer. What’s intriguing about IKEA is that it consciously designed its value proposition and brand identity around contrasts: a set of negatives (things they do not offer) and a few positives (things they offer).” | The Art of Crafting a 15-Word Strategy Statement via HBR

“The company has to figure out a way to sell all that Coke to people who may not remember what it tastes like.” |How To Sell Coke To People Who Have Never Had A Sip via NPR

“The sharing economy is the latest example of the internet’s value to consumers . This emerging model is now big and disruptive enough for regulators and companies to have woken up to it. That is a sign of its immense potential. It is time to start caring about sharing.”|The rise of the sharing economy via The Economist

“Immediately after 9/11, comedy ground to a halt. The Daily Show went off the air for nine days. Saturday Night Live, whose 27th season started 18 days later, featured a somber cold-open with Lorne Michaels asking New York mayor Rudy Giuliani, ‘Can we be funny?’ ” | The Dark Psychology of Being a Good Comedian via The Atlantic


If google was a guy

Before they pass away is designed to give us the unique opportunity to discover more than 30 secluded and slowly vanishing tribes from all over the world via Jimmy Nelson



Collage art via Sammy Slabbinck



The photos on board the Voyager probe are beautiful via Imgur