Not-Sunday Share #13

Welcome to the Not-Sunday Share. I originally tried to share the week’s coolest, but possibly unseen stuff, every Sunday. Unfortunately, that never really worked out. Instead, I’ll share what I can, when I can. (Except for on Sundays)


Old coffee commercials by none other than Jim Henson – Quick, witty and dry

“Making sure that the human eye is drawn towards a product through its design alone remains an important factor in sales, but this is 100% context dependent. Put simply, if everyone’s dressed in red, being green wins.” | Eyetracking and the neuroscience of good web design via FastCompany

Brits discuss John Lewis’ christmas ad, “What the fuck is this?”

“How to properly use dashes, hyphens, parentheses, quote marks (double and single), apostrophes, ellipses, brackets, slashes, question marks, and exclamation points.” | NaNoWriMo: Punctuation Tips via Medium

“Snapchat should be disconcerting for marketers because it’s a place where hundreds of millions of posts are shared daily, but they’re invisible.” | Marketers, welcome to the world of disappearing media via Advertising Age

Great marketing revolution 1956“Source: William T. Moran, ‘The Great Marketing Revolution’, February 1956” | We are not living in an age of unprecedented change via Canalside View

“Enough overanalyzing millennials. They’re not buying our stuff because they’re broke.” And “Forget fetishizing startups. They’re disorganised messes and fail 75% of the time.” | 30 things brands should stop doing in 2014 via Digiday


“Amy researched her competitive set by getting them to respond to the sort of man she was interested in. This gave her enough information to outperform that competitive set. No one else was smart enough to do this.” | The predatory algorithm via Dave Trott

I wasn’t sure where to put this. No matter your political lean, this is a beautifully designed responsive website | Your republican uncle

Andrew Stanton: The clues to a great story

“Why we might be at our most creative when our minds are still emerging from the realm of sleep.” | How sleep makes your mind more creative via MindHacks

A beautifully designed web comic | Our toyota was fantastic via Bouletcorp


“Is it such a stretch to imagine a commercial plane as one of the loneliest places in the modern world? Why is seat 27F on the 6:35 from JFK to LAX the perfect place and time for a good cry?” | Why we cry on planes via The Atlantic

“For the intervening two months, I stopped being a full-time information consumer and producer. I didn’t “unplug.” I deprofessionalized my use of the Internet.” | Twitter is weird – and other things fatherhood taught me via The Atlantic

“It may seem crazy but the pit is a very efficient system. It is controlled chaos, but it is transparent, there are checks and balances, etiquette and rules. Much of what you can do trading electronically would be seen as criminal in the pit.” | How does the infamous NYSE ‘pit’ depicted in many movies actually function? via Reddit

That’s been the middle-class experience for ever: people have a professional identity. We are what we do … But that era is ending … Ever fewer of us have satisfying jobs or stay in the same profession for life. People are ceasing to be their jobs. That is forcing them to find new identities.” | The great middle class identity crisis via FT Magazine

“I was a servant to the rich.  And like all servants, I became a connoisseur of their lifestyles and mores without ever being able to afford them on my own.” | How working as a servant to the ultra-rich helped me to understand the cultural code of luxury via You’re too stupid to read this


The beauty of mathematics

Reconstructing youtube comments

A brief history of video game title design

Rough draft sketches turned into actual furniture by Daigo Fukawa