News Corp’s $250,000 open brief

News Corp are giving a team or agency the chance to win $250,000 worth of media spend for a campaign. The competition, ‘Ignite a great idea‘, is accepting submissions for an integrated campaign by 14 February 2014.

The brief asks for ideas that use News Corp’s local masthead websites, newspapers and mobile sites to connect to an audience. More specifically, 50% print, 30% digital, 20% mobile. (An odd combination if I must say – is mobile not digital?)

There are no limitations to the brand used. As the brief explains, “Maybe it’s a brilliant campaign that didn’t quite have the media spend to support it. It’s been sitting in the bottom draw just itching to get out. Maybe it’s a campaign that was deemed too risky, and instead the safe option got the green light. Or maybe it hasn’t even been created yet.”

Whatever you choose to do, it would be a great way to get a bit of recognition or extra media spend for an existing client. Check out the brief here. Or there’s more info on their website