Cinematic Advertising

george-clooney-gravityA few months ago on Scamp, Simon Veskner wrote about the ‘Hollywood-isation’ of advertising. That is, “Hollywood now generally makes either big-budget spectaculars, or much cheaper indie fare, with very little in the middle.”  Advertising, he says, is going the same way.

This is growing increasingly true due to the fragmented nature of media. While digital has taken over niche communities/markets, TV and cinema still have a place as big-ticket formats. Whether it’s experiencing Gravity in Imax or watching Cricket along with the whole nation, the event-like nature of TV and cinema demand event-like advertising.

And honestly, advertising has delivered. When asked to pick a few of my favourites ‘big-budget spectaculars’ this past week, the following is what I chose. Remove the logo or product shot, and you’ve got artful cinema. Enjoy.

(HD that shit)

And two with Great VOs – my favourites as a copywriter.