Not-Sunday Share #11

Welcome to the Not-Sunday Share. I originally tried to share the week’s coolest, but possibly unseen stuff, every Sunday. Unfortunately, that never really worked out. Instead, I’ll share what I can, when I can. (Except for on Sundays)

It’s a big one!


Every second on the internet – Great infographic

Google helps re-imagine classic advertising campaigns for the digital age – Project re:brief

The beauty of 90’s websites

A tool to typeset with

Porn data – the top porn search terms in the US (NSFW) 


The joy of old age (no kidding) – New York Times

A great look at how to frame creativity in advertising (This is pretty long but well worth it. Will be breaking it down later this week)  – Canalside View

The perfect workspace (according to science) – 99u

You can be creative, without creating – FastCoCreate

The art of failure. The difference between choking and panicking – Malcolm Gladwell

Why we’re addicted to TV shows like Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, and Walking Dead – The Daily Beast

Creating good habits – A List Apart

How Buzzfeed target there content to amazingly specific locales – Slate

Should links have an expiry? – Wired

How do you charge someone for an idea? – New York Times

No, people are not ‘tech-savvy’, particularly children – Coding2Learn

Always Backup your website – The House of Lockwood

Cheat sheet for starting a business – Quora