Branded content: Gerry Judah’s Porsche Sculpture


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What is content? So many brands are ‘doing’ it. There are blog posts. And videos. Minisites, apps, games and events.

As Ben Barone-Nugent recently stated in The Guardian,

Content is no longer simply words on a page or videos on a YouTube channel.

I would argue the defining property of ‘content’ is that it creates value for its audience or user. That value can be in the form of utility, such as an application which tracks your bike ride, or beauty, such as a film starring its audience.

Porsche celebrated the 50th anniversary of its 911 model this year. And to mark the occasion, they commissioned artist  Gerry Judah to create a gigantic sculpture piece.

The sculpture is made up of three arrow-shaped structures that give off the appearance of the cars shooting into the sky. All 22 tons of each welded steel leg cleverly balances on an extremely narrow base.

The piece is the perfect branded content for Porsche. As DesignMilk notes, “Just like the Porsche 911, the sculpture is a well-designed, iconic piece of art in its own right.”

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Via DesignMilk