AWARD School 2013 Portfolio

AWARD School is a 16 week course that teaches the basics of creative advertising. The following is my final book for AWARD School 2013.

Brief 1

Product: Eco friendly washing powder
Media: Poster (single)
Target Audience: Anyone who washes clothes
Single-minded proposition: Washing powder that’s better for you



Brief 2

Client: Motorola
Product: Droid Razr Maxx phone
Media: Print campaign (3 x executions)
Target Audience: People who use a smartphone
Single-minded proposition: The phone with the longest battery life

2-Motorolla_v1 2-Motorolla_v2 2-Motorolla_v3

Brief 3

Client: Samsonite
Product: Suitcases
Media: Outdoor (Adshel, street furniture special build, ambient)
Target Audience: Anyone who flies
Single-minded proposition: The strongest suitcase you can buy


Brief 4

Client: Paramount Pictures
Product: The motion picture ‘World War Z’
Media/ Deliverables: A digital idea that creates buzz about the upcoming release of the movie
Target Audience: 18-45 year olds who go to the movies
Single-minded proposition: World War Z, coming soon


Brief 5

Client: TAC (Transport Accident Commission)
Product: Distracted drivers
Media/ Deliverables: An online banner only. Can be any format or combination of formats ie MRec, leaderboard, Page take over. Can be rich media or standard.
Target Audience: 18-30 year olds
Single-minded proposition: Using your phone when driving kills


Brief 6

Client: RSPCA
Product: Adopt a Pet
Media: Radio (30 seconds)
Target Audience: Anyone looking for a new cat or dog.
Single-minded proposition: Adopt an RSPCA pet.

6-RSPCA-1Brief 7

Client: Lilydale Free Range Chickens
Product: Free Range Chickens
Media: TV (1×30)
Target Audience: The food-shopper of the family; male or female, 25-60.
Single-minded proposition: Lilydale Chickens are tastier chickens

7-LilydaleBrief 8

You Decide



Brief 9

Client: SEXPO
Product: SEXPO Exhibition
Media: Ambient/Promotion/Activation
Target Audience: Males and Females, 18 years old and over.
Single-minded proposition: For all things adult.


Brief 10

Client: Dial a Driver
Product: Dial a Driver
Media: 3 different mediums (or more if you want to) of your choosing*
Target Audience: Social drinkers who own cars
Single-minded proposition: We’ll drive your car home when you shouldn’t


10-DAD_v3 10-DAD_v4

Brief 11

Client: Local Green Grocers
Product: Green grocers
Media: Anything
Target Audience: Adults who buy fruit and veggies
Proposition: The main benefit to the consumers of shopping at their local green grocer is fresher produce.


  • Mel

    Nice work… I did AWARD School 2013 in Sydney too but in a different class. Are you wanting to be a copywriter?

    • Justin Butler

      Yep, copywriter. Yourself? Got your book up anywhere?

  • Daniel Kershaw

    Hey Justin,

    Nice book,

    I did the course too, but down in Hobart. My favourite was the phone one.

    • Justin Butler

      Hey mate,

      Cheers! Your work online?

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