Not-Sunday share #8

I’ve been doing these for a bit now without ever fully explaining what they are, so here goes: 

Welcome to my weekly share of cool stuff from around the web. It was originally called ‘Sunday Share’, but as it turns out, I’m terrible at keeping a schedule. As such, it occurs on any day of the week (excluding Sunday). I try and steer clear of the super popular stuff and include interesting things people haven’t seen. Enjoy!

What makes a great ad? People choose to watch it: Youtube ad leader board for 2012

Outdated advice, but still interesting. David Ogilvy on how to create a great ad. 

Secret ingredient for success. Introspection (according to the New York Times)

Nobody cares how creative or clever you are. Tips for working smart. 

Encouragement for copywriters. Why design is still all about words.


Having original ideas in a world of collective thinking. By a great blog called 180/360/720

Visualising migration. Check out where Australian immigrants come from (not where you’d think)

When companies go public something interesting happens. Innovation dies. 

This is kinda old now, but still a really cool idea. E-ink keyboard gives responsive options depending on the program you’re using

Did you know, Sao Paulo hasn’t had outdoor advertising since 2006.

 How to be more creative, think for others