Sunday Share #4

Again I’ve struggled with the ‘Sunday’ of my Sunday Share, but here goes. There’s lots this week so I’ve split it up into sections. I had a lot of pretty pictures, but I’m really struggling on displaying them well. Wait out for next week.


I had to include this one even if I couldn’t put in the others. A 1948 Buick is a thing of design beauty. I’m not even a car person.


Hard drives are about to get a lot smaller. Harvard professors crack DNA storage, fit 700 terabytes into a single gram 

The difference between how old and young people read

Be creative. Infusing play into mundane tasks (some of these are really fun to do)

Some really interesting consumer demand curves via Business Insider

Maybe the next Pandora & Spotify? Tubalr makes simple youtube playlists, no sign up

The terminal designed by ballet choreographers 

Some interesting memory hacks, how to memorise cards and get words off the tip of your tongue



Robots are getting cool

This made me laugh

One of the best ads I’ve seen in quite a while

Not quite a video,  a visualisation mapping America’s ethnicity block by block


Tubalr creator Cody Stewart (might see big things here soon)

RGA digital strategist (and interesting blogger) Peter Kim