Not Sunday Share #5

Before today I was doing a weekly post called ‘Sunday Share’. Unfortunately the schedule of my blog often takes second place to real life and almost never posted it on Sunday. So without further ado, introducing the ‘Not Sunday Share’, where I share the stuff I like, on any day but Sunday.

I’m going to start with Ray Kurzweil, How to create a mind’. If you watch or read nothing else here, you should watch this. I know it goes for an hour and a bit, but you only need to watch the first 30 minutes. Kurzweil talks about technology, the future, artificial intelligence among other amazing things. Just watch it already.


Learn about the ‘Fuck it, ship it’ approach, or knowing when you’re finished.

On user interface design. Why the best interface is no interface. 

How your attention is bought and sold online and the company with more US ad revenue than Google. 

How rejection breeds creativity and lady gaga’s story.

Why is the mobile space powerful? Google’s report on the meaning of mobile. 

Improve your writing. How to create suspense.

A surprisingly good article from Lifehacker. How stories activate our brains.

An essay on the culture of the web. We, the Web Kids. 

[A favourite excerpt from ‘We, the Web Kids’] Brought up on the Web we think differently. The ability to find information is to us something as basic as the ability to find a railway station or a post office in an unknown city is to you. When we want to know something – the first symptoms of chickenpox, the reasons behind the sinking of ‘Estonia’, or whether the water bill is not suspiciously high – we take measures with the certainty of a driver in a SatNav-equipped car.We know that we are going to find the information we need in a lot of places, we know how to get to those places, we know how to assess their credibility. We have learned to accept that instead of one answer we find many different ones, and out of these we can abstract the most likely version, disregarding the ones which do not seem credible. We select, we filter, we remember, and we are ready to swap the learned information for a new, better one, when it comes along.

Conan O’Brien’s guide to creativity. Play has a lot to do with it. 


An Itunes TVC before it became a music store, you’d think they where promoting music piracy…

A cool Go Pro angle I have not seen before

[vimeo 52214380]


And to finish up, in honour of the late Dave Brubeck, a bit of a Take Five remix.