Why (I hope) being embarrassed about your old work is a good thing

I’m going to show my spec work to some creatives tomorrow. I must admit, I’m kind of embarrassed by my work. I don’t want to show it anymore.

At first I was annoyed. I made a lot of it less than three months ago. How can it be that something I was happy with three months ago now seems so cringe-worthy?

But I’ve realised: being embarrassed about your work is a good thing. More importantly: not being embarrassed by your old work is a bad thing. If you’re embarrassed, you’ve learnt what’s good and what’s bad. If you’re not embarrassed by (at least some of) your old work, then you haven’t grown. You haven’t learnt anything. And you should always keep learning.

So I’m going to show my work tomorrow and I’m going to get feedback and I’m going to be embarrassed about it. But maybe that’s not such a bad thing.

Or maybe I just suck ass. Ignorance is bliss.

  • http://www.mhilabs.com Chris Maloney

    It is amazing just how true a statement this is. I have had to institute strict rules about going back and re-doing some of my old photographs and videos. It is sometimes quite hard to resist Lucasing my work but there is something to be said about have those old projects on hand to refer back to.

    Thanks for the chuckle and the reality check. Good luck.

    • http://jurobu.com Justin Butler

      Thanks Chris! Glad you liked it. Love ‘Lucasing my work’.

  • http://www.adcontrarian.com bob hoffman

    Don’t worry, Justin. Most of us have whole careers we’re embarrassed about. Just keep trying to get better.

    • http://jurobu.com Justin Butler

      Hey Bob, Cheers! I’m not sure if there’s such thing as a ‘huge fan’ of an advertising blog, but I do enjoy reading your stuff.

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