Brain Pickings

I can spend at least four hours online everyday, yet there are still great websites I’m yet to find.

I’m not talking about the average ‘cool’ or ‘interesting’ site. I’m talking about the kind of site where you get giddy when you haven’t visited in a while, because you know there’s going to be great new stuff.

These have changed for me over the years. A young me loved i-am-bored. When I got a bit older it was The Chive and Cracked. And now it’s Reddit and XKCD.

Rather stupidly, I felt like I’d found all the great sites online, but thankfully I was wrong. Recently I found Brain Pickings, A website written by Maria Popova, a self confessed “interestingness hunter-gatherer and curious mind at large” and writer for Wired and The Atlantic.

I got so excited when I found it that I actually forgot how I ended up their, but I would like to thank my mystery referrer.

Brain Pickings is a human-powered discovery engine for interestingness, culling and curating cross-disciplinary curiosity-quenchers, and separating the signal from the noise to bring you things you didn’t know you were interested in until you are.

Here are some of my favourite posts so far:

A 5 step guide for producing ideas. circa 1939Examines creativity as a method and process rather than a skill.

Trust me, I’m lying: Confessions of a media manipulator; a short but interesting blog on Ryan Holiday’s book. This video gives you a quick rundown:

An anatomy of inspiration, 1942A look at where ‘inspiration’ comes from. (It’s everywhere)

Christ to Coke: How image becomes icon; How does an image, like Che Guevara’s famous photo, turn into an icon?